How we started:

Hello! We are Ali and Elaine, pediatric speech language pathologists living in beautiful and sunny Los Angeles, CA. Ali and Elaine have worked in various settings including hospitals, schools, early invention, and private practices. While working together, Ali and Elaine became what they call “speechie besties” and decided to pursue their passion for helping children with a larger vision. Ali and Elaine have felt passionately about coaching parents and fellow therapists to be empowered and proactive in language, speech, and social-emotional development.  Their goal is to make play and language development both fun and accessible. Ali and Elaine are very excited to start this journey and look forward to providing you with pro tips to incorporate language development into everyday activities. 

Elaine: Elaine is a licensed speech language pathologist who has worked in a variety of pediatric settings from hospitals to schools. Elaine is a graduate of the prestigious  Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) training program through Children’s Hospital of LA. 

Ali: Ali is a licensed speech language pathologists and Board certified behavior analyst who have worked in a variety of pediatric settings.  Ali is enrolled in an E.D.D. program at California State University Los Angeles to be completed by 2019 where she is researching advances in social emotional learning. 


Our passion starts with enriching the minds of young children. This journey could not have started without the love, support, and backing from you! We are sincerely grateful and hope we can all learn and grow together.



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