How Do We Communicate & Why Do We Communicate?

As many of us know communication is not just about talking. When two people send messages of any kind- even if there are not using words- they are communicating. Babies start to communicate long before they are talking. They communicate by making sounds, crying, moving their bodies, or reaching. Communication continues through gestures, speech, and signs. Once you learn how your child communicates, you can take the first step toward making them a better communicator.

As a speech language pathologist, I try to relate this to my own like. I think about how I communicate with my friends, my boyfriend, and family. When communicating with my boyfriend, if I am a little annoyed, I may use my eyes to communicate (via rolling or looking the opposite direction). With my friends, if I am overly excited I may use exaggerated hand gestures. When communicating with anyone child or adult, it is very important to identify how and why a person is communicating. For example, what is the intention and how is it being relayed (emotion, tone, etc).

Examples of How Children Communicate: cries, screams, smiles, moves his body, make sounds, reaches, takes your hand, uses gestures, uses sounds, use single words

Examples of Why Children Communicate: because the child is hungry or tired, respond to interest in voice, follow directions, answer questions, tell someone something, get attention


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