Speechie Self Care

Speech therapists by nature are helpers. We chose a profession where we help others. I believe to help others gives us immense joy. As much “positive reinforcement” we receive from helping out wonderful children we sometimes “punish” ourselves by not giving ourselves the time we deserve and need. At Little Speech Gems, although it is not always easy we aim to make self-care a priority.

Here a few tips we’ve compiled:

1. Read a good book (not an academic or self help book) just a novel, even better go read it outside

2. Find your perfect hot beverage. Elaine is more of a tea girl and Ali loves her coffee. Find what works for you and sneak it into every day. We try to have meetings at cute cafe so we can both enjoy our favorite beverages as well as enjoy the vibes of those around us. We find the energy within a cafe can we be very intoxicating.

3. Go for a walk- this is such a simple act that people don’t do enough. It's a good refresh and if you’re crazy like us - you can even compete in Fitbit challenges.

4. Plan a date night with your man/woman or get a group of girlfriends together and just Laugh. Laughter is a recipe for happiness.

5. Breathe, if you can go to a meditation class it’s invaluable! Another suggestion is the HeadSpace App

6. Un-Plug for an hour. Not being on my phone for an or two is the greatest gift you can given yourself

7. Be Selfish- it is perfectly okay to do that what makes you happy

8. Get Sweatin’ Physical exercise not only has it’s physical benefits but provides mental clarity.

9. Pamper yourself- get those nails done and hair. Another one is to dress up and show up. Most of us feel better when we are dressed up and ready for the day

10. Sleep. Allow yourself to sleep in a routine manner. Your body will thank you!

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