You’re Good. I’m Good. Let’s have a Good Speech Session.

Confidence within the context language is extremely important. Children deserve to feel confident. One way to incorporate confidence with older children is to ask, “What is good to you?” or “Let’s talk about good”. This gives the child some ownership and an opportunity to say what they want to be and what good looks like for them. It gives you as a team (either speech therapist or parent) a mutual goal to work for. Instilling confidence is important so why not develop this during language-based activities. Some ways to “visualize” confidence boosting is by consistently providing a sticker for good deeds. Other ways include making a “good job” chart.

As speech therapists at Little Speech Gems, we typically start with “easier” work to build confidence. Everyone feels better when they are getting questions right. So we prime our kiddos to start the hard stuff by giving easier tasks and increasing confidence. For example, if my overall goal is for a child to speak in three words phrases, and I know one word is easy, I may read a book and let the child answer with one word for the whole book while praising them. As I move to the next activity, I would add the “demand” of two words. Another strategy is to remind kiddos, it is okay to say, “I don’t know” or “How do I start” or “Can you help me?” Kids should be provided many opportunities to ask for help as they are learning Please take this blog and enjoy building confidence in the lives of the children you have an opportunity to be with.

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