The Ways you are Supporting Little Speech Gems

Some of you may wonder, what is my Kickstarter pledge money going towards?

To start off, we want to say we are so thankful for everyone who has already pledged and to also be part of the Kickstarter community. 

1) Little Speech Gems is full of ideas; our dream is to have an interactive community and website full with free handouts and tutorial videos that provide families and therapists with how-to's, activity demos, explanation of common language terms, courses, and participatory Q&As. 

We feel it is important to give as many resources as we can because it is our dream to expand the power of early language development. To do this, we need funding to hire a professional that can curate a user-friendly website to hold all these resources. 

2) Little Speech Gems prides itself on giving real - actual - high quality - artisan - toys. Picture the scene in Elf, when Buddy only makes 85 etch-a-sketches and everyone around him is joyfully producing toys, these are the type of joyous toymakers we seek. To continue their mission on making unique, handmade, time-intensive products, artisanal toymakers require compensation that reflects their labor of love. 

3) As everyone knows, Little Speech Gems wants to make a global impact. We want to provide our resources at little or no cost to communities in need. We can only do this after we have successfully created a platform and financial stability without our start-up company. 

We applaud those who have already pledged to support our cause and look forward to receiving more backers! 

Little Speech Gems