New Year, New Habits

Let’s talk about Habits…

Sometimes I think about this word and get excited, other times I think about this word and I am ready to cringe. There are numerous things I want to track and it’s hard for me to really determine what’s priority. So I would invite you look at each category listed below and determine goals from there:

  • Relationships (friendships, love, business partners, children)
  • Business/Career
  • Health (mental health and spiritual health)
  • Fun/Adventure (travel, discovering, hobbies)
  • Financial

These tend the be the categories of life that needs a little extra attention. Take 20 minutes and really think about it, do you drink enough water, get enough sleep, practice gratitude?

I would be remiss if I didn’t address speech language pathology in some way. One thing I added to my tracker is reading an article related to speech language pathology as well as writing notes for my students immediately after the session and not waiting till the end of the day.

Habits take consistency, according to the Huffington post, it takes 12 weeks to form a new habit. That’s 3 months, stick with your goals and by spring you will be feeling even more empowered than you do now.

Download your free Habit printable chart here. 

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