Let's make a Friend File

Friend File…..Why keep a record of my friends?

A friend file (from Social Thinking) is the idea that we should keep records of our friend’s facts. Some examples of what we would want to remember about our friends include their name, their family’s names, and their favorites. Favorites could include favorite TV show, favorite animal, favorite toy, favorite game, favorite snack, etc.  Essentially you want to remember information about your friends, so when you see them next time you have something to bring up.

During social skills lessons, we will discuss how other people enjoy when you remember things about them, it makes them feel good and important. (This ties into the concept that your actions can affect other people’s thoughts).

The other beautiful thing about Friend Files is it shows what kiddos have in common!  Isn’t it amazing when two kids both like same things and realize they can talk about it together? Friend files are a concrete way for children to see what they have in common with other children.

Friend files are not  just for peers. Kiddos can make files for parents, therapists, and teachers. It is important for our kiddos to learn the concept of remembering key information about another person so they can use in conversation and continue to engage in the world.

Check out our freebie Friend File and start using it today!

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