Let's play and spread some love

Happy Valentine’s Day from Little Speech Gems!


At Little Speech Gems, we believe that spreading love means playing with your child. Here are soundbites we feel every parent and therapist can remember when playing with your kiddos!

We will be making this a handout that parents and therapists can hang up to remember:

1)      Be Flexible!

-          Remember it’s important to follow the lead of your child. If they have no interest in the actual toy and would rather play with the bubble wrap or box it came in, just go with that! Moving with your child’s needs is okay

2)      Learn your style of play

-          Some people are loud and like to jump around, sound people are quiet and move slowly. Both are okay! It’s important to try and match your child’s style of play

3)      Get down to the child’s level

-          Play on the floor, lay on your tummy, feel free to get messy.  (It’s honestly more fun this way and much easier to be silly and creative)

4)      Move your voice

-          Your voice is magical when it comes to playing. You can add excitement by raising your voice and highlighting words you feel are important. You can also lower your voice and pretend to whisper. Either way you are highlighting the importance of “using your words.”

Little Speech Gems