Let's put some Self Love into Love

Since it’s the last Wednesday of February, we wanted to honor love by discussing self-love. We are all people work in helping professions. I'm talking about moms, speech-language pathologists, teachers, and anyone that works directly with kiddos as we tend to want to just take care of the people we serve. We are all amazing at giving love and admiration to our kiddos, but the issue is we forgot to take care and love ourselves!


 Both of us at Little Speech Gems can be guilty of this! When people hear self-love or self-care they think of   matcha lattes, Instagram celebrities, yoga for seven hours, and hiking every day but we know that's not realistic with the work schedule that a lot of moms and therapists set up for themselves. We want to invite you to think about self-love differently.


Self-love can mean meditating for five minutes a day, going to yoga once a week, planning a fun dinner with a friend, trying matcha latte, or even starting a business with one of your best friends ( wink wink Little Speech Gems). Self Love is whatever makes you excited and feel better so it could even be watching some shows on Netflix, remember there isn’t a right way to engage in self-care. Self-care can also be using whatever personal item you receive in your Little Speech Gems box.


It's especially important to the Little Speech Gems team to promote self-care because that is what gives you energy!  The energy comes from exercising, eating healthy, and taking care of yourself. The more energy you have, the more energy you can put into play that inspires language. We want everyone to be the most enthusiastic person while playing as possible. So, we want to remind our community, that when we take the   time to take care of ourselves, we serve our kiddos better!

Little Speech Gems