Breath Support and Language Development


Sorry for the delay.. there was limited internet in Bali 😊 (New Blog will be up Wednesday about slowing down in Bali)

Many of you know, we are always preaching to slow down and take a breath. It’s especially important to do this when children are developing language. As therapists and parents, we want to be a  slow, mindful model of  language. We want to articulate every sound and pronounce all articles, conjunction, pronouns, and prepositions. By providing a slow model, we allow our children to process our words and not feel rushed to reply themselves. As we give our children the space to take their time and collect their thoughts, we can prevent instances of stuttering or misarticulation that occur due to feeling rushed. (Note: we are not saying that slowing down will prevent true stuttering, but slowing down will prevent instances of rushed speech which can present as stuttering). The take away here, is to slow down and allow our children to process the beautiful wisdom we are imparting on them.

Little Speech Gems