Over these past two weeks, I had the pleasure of being in Bali. I attended yoga retreat for a week and was in Bali for their national Day of Silence called Nyepi. Nyepi is a day where individuals in Bali stay in their home for a day on introspection. Most families use the day for meditation and prayer. The day before Nyepi there is a parade where both parent and children make floats that represent evil spirts. The parade scene reminded me of the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. These Evil spirits are paraded around and at the end of the day are burned as if to banish them away.  Nypei begins the next day at 6am and lasts for an entire twenty-four hours.  During this time, the whole country does not use electricity and maintains a vow of silence. Since I was in Bali at this time, I also participated in a vow of silence (well at least first half of the day) and didn’t use electricity -à It was hard!

 This day to myself reminded me that I love being outside and to read. It was also a great time to journal and really miss the amazing people in my life. I took time to write down where I want to be in three months and reflected on the so many things I’m grateful for. Lastly, I saw stars millions of stars.  

My point in telling everyone all this, is I flew half way across the world to learn that sometimes we all deserve and need a little alone time and to reflect on where we are. So, I think everyone should take a moment to participate in Nyepi maybe once every three months and realign with what’s important

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