This blog is written both for the therapist/parent and the children we serve. March is a time to think about meditation and mindfulness hence the name  Mindful March. Little Speech Gems loves the application “Stop, Breathe, Think”,  because it reminds you to “stop” and check in with yourself. Many therapists, teachers, and parents work long hours and turn on their personal “autopilot mode” to maintain the pace of their busy schedule. When we turn on our “autopilot” we leave no ability to be present, and no ability to fully give ourselves to the people we are serving. The kids we serve, can feel that when we are not present! Children want us to be present and give our undivided attention.

At Little Speech Gems, we try to use this app about once a day if not more for ourselves, but here is the best past there is a part of the application specifically designed for children. In the “kids” section of “Stop, Breathe, Think”, children can compete and move up various levels while simultaneously labeling their feelings and checking in with their emotions. This application is wonderful for learning self soothing activities as well as early emotional identification.  

Here is where you can find this App on the apple store:

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