A little Sparkle

Everyone deserves some sparkle in their life right?

Our Blogs are back!!

In our summer box, our personal care item is a beautiful bracelet. At Little Speech Gems, we believe jewelry can elevate both your mood and your outfit. This charming little bracelet serves a reminder to just breathe.  As I have been writing my dissertation, I am continually “nerding out” by reading about autism theories, and I decided to “research” jewelry. Here are some fun facts.  Jewelry initially started as animal teeth, bones, feathers, shells and reeds adorning our  ancestors. Humans have been wearing jewelry for nearly 75,000 years and not only to show social status but to signal the death or birth of individuals


We hope this stunning piece becomes part of your routine and that  putting on earrings, rings, or necklaces becomes a habit and form of intentionality in your life just like our ancestors.


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Bracelet featured in the box is from Stella and Dot. Check out the speechies who brought us these in the next blog post or follow the instagram  @stylebyslps




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