My Ideal home

I recently moved to a new apartment which meant clearing out old objects and intentionally choosing what can stay and what can go. The word intentionality made me start to think about how I intentionally chose toys for my speech sessions. I think this level of intentionality leads to better and more productive sessions. What if every toy a child interacted with had more intentionality. For example, I give my kiddo a doll and some play cookies. My intention is to expand their imaginary  play, teach verbs such as bake, eat, and drink,  and lastly to teach adjectives such as chocolate chip cookies, gooey cookies, yummy cookies, etc. During this session, a kiddo continues to expand in their language while having fun. That intentional plan takes about 2 minutes and leads to a more productive use of everyone’s time. A child’s play room can also be set up with that intentionality. Little Speech Gems is now offering Play Room Consultation sessions, please visit the coaching section of our website for more information!