An interview with StylebySLPs


In our Summer 2018 box, we had the pleasure in working alongside the ladies behind StylebySLPs to bring something fun and sparkly to your wardrobe! Both Ali and I met Katie and Krista at the ASHA convention in November and KNEW we HAD to make this collaboration happen. Not only do they know how to spice up any outfit with stunning jewelry pieces from their side hustle, they also are practicing pediatric SLPs! Below is our interview with these beauties. Learn all about how they started their side hustle, what piece of jewelry is a must-have, and "gems" of wisdom they've learned along their venture. 

Brief introduction:

Meet Katie and Krista! They are practicing SLPs and Stella & Dot Stylists. Former colleagues at a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, Krista and Katie reconnected years later over a love for jewelry and sharing accessories that transform any outfit for any occasion. They love working for a company that was designed by women, for women and also love that being a Stylist with Stella & Dot meant connecting with women on a whole new level. They continue their careers as SLPs with a fun side hustle with Stella & Dot that they flex in and out as they want. Katie practices in San Francisco and Krista in Paso Robles. The bracelet included in this special box is meant to add sparkle to your days; a simple and fun way of sharing the joy that jewelry brings. Interested in joining them on this venture? They love sharing their creative hustle with lovers-of-fashion and equally enjoy helping others pick out special gifts. You can find them on Instagram @stylebyslps and they've shared a special discount just for you to sparkle your wardrobe with the always on-trend styles. We hope you enjoy the sparkle as much as we do!


E: How did you both get started in StylebySLPs?

Krista: I’ve always had a love of fashion and wanted to combine it with my passion for helping others to communicate. The two bring me a ton of happiness! Before Katie and I were stylists, we were friends and coworkers. We’re still passionate SLPs and fashion lovers so it made sense to create StylebySLPs together. The two mesh very nicely together because they both involve helping others, whether styling the perfect outfit, finding the perfect pair of earrings, or empowering others through a statement piece. 

Katie: Shortly after signing up as Stylists, Krista and I thought it'd be an absolute blast to mix two of our loves together at ASHA, being SLPs and loving accessories. We couldn't have been happier planning this adventure together and bringing a "brain break" to our fellow SLPs and ASHA-goers last year in LA as we ourselves knew how fun it'd be to style women at ASHA. We are SLPs first and foremost with a side hustle that brings creativity and joy to our lives, which is what we hope to convey on our shared Instagram account, StylebySLPs.

E:  What's one accessory you can't walk out the door without? 

Krista: Earrings. Always.

Katie: A timeless, dainty necklace. I wear my Stella & Dot diamond initial necklace or our Covet For All Time Necklace everyday, whether I'm headed to a workout, work, or play.

E: What are three things you've learned from expanding into this new side hustle/venture? 

Krista: I’ve always been a pretty shy person and this side hustle has taught me so much. I’ve really stretched myself and moved out of my comfort zone gaining a ton of confidence in the process. The three biggest things I’ve learned from expanding into this business are:

1) how to put myself out there

2) how to use social media more effectively

3) the importance of dressing well/being put together (you never know who you will meet or run into)!

Katie: Like Krista, I am an introvert! I love my alone time just hanging out with my husband, but this side hustle/venture has taught me:

1) How fun it is to connect on a whole new level with women who I would've never met and women I already knew because we share the same love of accessories and looking and feeling great and put together,

2) That authenticity is key in sharing your passion with others, and

3) How many creative opportunities and unexpected partnerships and experiences that can come from simply trying something new!

E: Any advice to those who are looking to branch out of their current role?

Krista: I adhere to Nike’s motto “Just do it.” I’ve found that you don’t grow unless you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Katie: Yes! What do you have to lose? You never know until you try and you owe yourself a try!

E: What's your favorite Summer piece right now? 

Krista: Roman Chandelier Earrings in white. I’m a neutral girl and they go with everything in my closet.

Katie: The Sidekick Belt Bag. I took this versatile crossbody bag with me all over Italy this summer and it matches everything, holds a lot, and is adorable and practical.

E: What are classics you keep going back to? 

Krista: Sparkle Stud Earrings, Hammered Hoops/Essential Hoops, Celestial Choker, my Covet “K” necklace.

Katie: Covet For All Time necklace, Covet "H" (for my last name) necklace, Chevron Leather Wrap Bracelet - Gold and Silver, the Getaway Bag, and the Renegade Cluster Bracelet.

A link to the beautiful pieces mentioned: 

Roman Chandelier Earrings:

Sparkle Stud Earrings:

Hammered Hoops:

Celestial Choker:

Covet Initial necklace:

Chevron Leather Wrap bracelet:

Getaway Bag:

Renegade Cluster bracelet: