parent coaching

Think of us as your personal child development consultant! Our goal is to collaborate with you to help curate and design a language enriching lifestyle that fits your and your child's needs. We will provide you with useful strategies and tips that will lead to large changes and inspiration related to speech & language development and early childhood learning. 

Little Speech Gems' coaching program is inspired by the philosophy that parents are the most important people in a child's life and can make a big difference in a little one's language development, school readiness skills, and social-emotional health.
Thank you for visiting our site and wanting to get more involved with your child. Please take your time to answer the questions below. Upon receiving your information, we will follow up with a 20 minute complimentary consultation.


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I don’t have time to play and I don’t know how to set up activites my child will enjoy.
My child is getting too much screen time
I worry about my child’s ability to advocate for themselves and have successfully play dates.
My child feels confident around others or at school.
My playroom is set up in a way that fosters successful play.
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