For Only $54.95 You Receive A $200 Value



Do you feel like you are always living in survival mode? Let us help you grow and  thrive with these predetermined play date materials. This box is appropriate for kids with all language profiles who are in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten years. For just a small investment you can save yourself the hundreds of dollars it cost for speech language pathologists and tutors which can average from $100 to $200 an hour. 

With the expertise of certified speech-language pathologists, in each box you will always receive a:

·      Personal care item

·      Several themed-based activities/materials

·      Book

·      Calendar with simple daily language enriching activities

·      Postcard with the "Gem of the season" as well as our five Gems of Wisdom

·      "How-to" guide written to direct YOU in implementing tried-and-true strategies that will get your little one talking! 


Three reasons to buy a box


1) TIME  

We know it’s a daily struggle for mamas to find an impactful time where you can be with your little ones to help them connect, learn, and play in a meaningful way.  Our subscription box takes the guesswork out of how to spend productive, yet fun, time with your child to ensure that they receive the critical skills & confidence to be ready for kindergarten in just 15-30 minutes a day



We understand the pressure mamas feel to take responsibility for their children’s preparedness for the emotional, mental, and social challenges of starting preschool and kindergarten. The problem is that *most* mamas haven’t devoted their lives to professionally studying  child psychology, speech therapy, or emotional intelligence! We provide easy and empowering solutions to develop your child’s language skills and ensure they are set up for success. 



We know it’s a struggle for all mamas to prioritize self-care not just for their families, but for themselves. We believe that when you as a woman feel taken care of, nourished, and loved, it will translate to a more positive impact on your children and the world. We are committed to keeping you inspired and far away from burnout so you can put your best foot forward. That’s why we also include a special treat for mamas in each box, inviting you to play, and rediscover a fulfilling connection with your children on a consistent basis. 


1) Seasonal Subscription - A box delivered to your door once, each season. A total of 4 seasons a year! This plan will automatically renew.

$54.95 + $6.95 Low Rate Shipping 

2) Annual Subscription - A box delivered to your door once, every season. Prepay for the entire year and this plan provides up front savings and will automatically renew. Each year has 4 boxes!

$199.95 + $6.95 Low Rate Shipping

3) One Time / Gift Purchase  - Looking for a perfect gift option for a special family member or friend?

$59.95 + $6.95 Low Rate Shipping