Social Skills Group 

Tiny Adventurers

Little Speech Gem's Social Skills groups are designed to facilitate social skill development in a small, fun, and supportive environment for children with autism spectrum disorder and with other special needs. The theory applied is Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking curriculum including "The Incredible Flexible You” as well as the UCLA PEERS model. These groups are led by highly trained speechlanguage pathologists in the Los Angeles area, and enable children to gain competencies related to peer interaction, social-emotional skills, and facilitate the formation of meaningful friendships.

Social Skills Group
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Tiny Adventurers' areas of concentration:

  • Conversation

  • Theory of mind

  • Whole Body Listening

  • Attention

  • Social Emotional Language

  • Nonverbal communication/Joint Attention

  • Frustration tolerance

  • Friendship-making

  • Creativity


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